Donald Trump Throws Rakes at US Soldiers During Visit of Base

President Donald Trump have tossed rakes into a crowd during the visit of a military base in Florida.

The 72-year-old commander in chief was visiting the base, following a warning from the U.S. Defense Department about the effects climate change could have for the nation’s armed forces and security. According to the report, inland and coastal bases are at risk of being destroyed by wildfires or rising seas.

“I heard that nonsense about global warming being a threat to our guys”, the President yelled to the journalists while standing next to his helicopter. “I don’t believe there is any risk at all. Nothing a bit of raking can’t fix”.

Thomas Narsson is one of the 13 soldiers injured by the rakes. He didn’t realise what was happening until it was too late.

“Donald Trump entered the room and waved at us”, he explains. “We were all excited and screaming. It was a bit chaotic. I wasn’t really paying attention to what was going on at that moment. The President asked us if we were on fire. We though that he was asking us about our energy so we all yelled “yes” back at him. That is when he grabbed the rakes and threw them in the crew, yelling “then rake better, losers. Don’t come and blame me”.

When asked why he threw the rakes, Donald Trump explained that toilet paper wouldn’t have helped in case of fire.

“I wanted to be there and offer those men and women some help”, the President explained. “I have also started to leave open umbrellas around to help people who would get wet if the level of the sea rises. Together, we can do it”.