Pot Meet Kettle Award to Go to Donald Trump This Year

The American Association of Pot and Kettle (AAPaK) has announced today the winner of the “Pot meet Kettle” Award : President of the USA, Donald Trump. The ceremony, during which Donald Trump will receive a Gold Kettle Award, will be held next week in Chicago.

“We had a lot of people in mind for this award but Donald Trump just was the best”, Elvys Thinfer, the association’s President said this morning, during a press conference. “You just can’t beat our beloved President Trump. He tweeted “Nancy Pelosi has behaved so irrationally”. And that time he called General Stanley McChrystal a “dog known for big, dumb mouth”. Come on! He worked really hard at being the best. He totally deserves the Award, there is no doubt about that”.

After the announcement, the President has cancelled a meeting with Vice President Mike Pence this afternoon. He could be heard rehearsing all morning for his acceptance speech, according to one of his aide. “He is really excited”

“I am so hournourded to receive the “Pot meet kettle” Award”, President Donald Trump announced in a tweet today. “You think nobody notices the hard work you put into criticising others for the faults you yourself have and then suddenly, Bam… You receive that news…”. “…Thank you American Association of Pot and Kettle. This is really a proof that yours truly is not only really the bestest but also the most loved President America ever had”.