Meet Trump’s Tariffs Latest Victim : Ikea Extra Screw Expert

On Friday, Apple announced that the price of some of their products might increase in response to President Trump’s administration’s tariffs. A statement that doesn’t surprise Julius Thompson, one of the extra screw expert working for Ikea.

“I have been saying it since the beginning”, Julius says. “Those tariffs will be a disaster for many people. Including for me and my fellow extra screw experts”.

Julius is one of the 2300 people recruited by Ikea to bring a little bit of joy and fun to their customers since 1972.

“Most people can’t remember a time when you received the exact amount of screws you needed to build your Ikea furniture”, Julius explains. “We are taken for granted. People don’t realise, it’s an art to find the right screw. The one that won’t fit anywhere, but still feel like it belongs to what you just built. You can’t just throw any screw in the box. It takes passion, dedication and creativity”.

With the new tariffs increasing the price of steel, Julius is at risk to lose his job more than ever.

“Screws are going to be too expensive to just offer any to the customers”, Julius continues. “When you live in a sad world without steel, extra screws or fantasy, you’ll only be left with your eyes to cry. If tears are not too expensive by then…”