Iphone Windows : Apple Next Best Seller?

Following the panic they created this morning, Apple has decided to reveal the existence of a new product, the Iphone Windows. After announcing that the price of their products could rise because of Trump’s tariffs, the giant has decided to broaden their consumer’s age target to balance the possible loss.

“We have been thinking really hard about a product that could be appealing to our 75-92 years old customers”, Marjory Pompulo, one of Apple’s spokesperson, tells us. “Meet the elderly’s new best friend :The Iphone Windows”.

The new gadget, awaited eagerly by many fans around the World, should be released in February or March 2019.

“It has been designed specially to please our older consumers”, Marjory continues. “The Iphone Windows is a 6 feet high and 30 inches long glass screen. It is extremely lightweight and can be used indoors or outdoors. It has a rain option included for those moody days”.

Gertie McDillon, 82, has been one of the lucky few selected to try the new Iphone Windows.

“It is just what I needed”, Gertie explains. “I can now sit down behind my Iphone Windows everywhere I go. I can watch people walk by and see what happens in the neighbourhood. The screen is light enough, I can have a conversation about the weather with every person I see. It is really amazing!”