Journalist Stares at Meghan Markle in Silence for 45 Minutes

London, United Kingdom – Tamara Jonbon, a journalist from Iowa had won the chance of a lifetime. She is one of the very few picked to interview Meghan Markle. After travelling halfway across the globe, Tamara lost all her confidence when she learned about the interview’s rules.

“When I arrived, I was informed that there would be a set of rules that shouldn’t be broken under any circumstances”, Tamara explains, tears in her eyes. “I was asked not to talk about her skin color, her blog or her sentimental life before meeting Harry. I got stuck. What else is there to talk about? Nobody wants to know her political views, I didn’t plan anything else!”.

Doing her best to stay calm, the journalist entered the room and started the interview anyway.

“She was very nice and polite when I met her”, Tamara recalls. “I asked her about her career as an actress. She only answered that she had ended it now and couldn’t really talk about it. At that moment, I panicked. I thought that maybe if I said something funny, it would break the ice. It might spark a conversation. I asked her if she had witnessed the Queen on all four pretending to be a horse for Prince George. It didn’t go down well. I spent the next 45 minutes staring at Meghan, in silence. It was mortifying”.