Daily Mail Journalist Celebrates Chance to Make Snow Puns

London, United Kingdom – Darwin Allistar, a Daily mail journalist, is celebrating the 6 minutes of snow that should fall on London tomorrow.

“I was on holiday a few months ago when it snowed in London”, Darwin explains. “Since I came back, the weather wasn’t too bad. I thought that maybe we were done with the snow for this year. I almost didn’t have the opportunity to use the word “snowmaggedon” this winter. But, to my surprise, I could use it today, as it is snowing again”.

The snow, which should leave a layer of up to 0.001 mm on the floor, will probably completely put all buses and tubes to a halt. A great opportunity for Darwin to shine at work.

“We have this competition going on at the office”, Darwin continues. “The one who gets the most spectacular title wins. No matter how much it snows. It isn’t about informing people about the weather. I have to come up with something as I have already used Snowmaggedon 5 years in a row. I think I will say something like “Londoners take a freezacation day?”, “Watch out for the desnowstruction?”. I’m not sure, I need to work on it more. I really want to win the competition this year”.