Princeton University Names Groundhog New President

Princeton, New Jersey – Culdeguard Spicytooth, the world’s most famous Groundhog, is taking today his first pictures as Princeton University’s new president.

“People say that it’s ridiculous to name an animal as the president of one of the most prestigious University in the World”, Adam Francos, the photographer, says. “I totally disagree with that statement. Look at him. That little face! You can see how proud he is. I am sure he will do a great job”.

Gonzague Montreal, one of Princeton’s employees, is not so sure about his new boss.

“I don’t mind it as a joke”, Gonzague says. “He’s cute, I get it. But they are actually going to give him power. He will have the right to veto the students he doesn’t want there. They have a whole blinking system in place to make sure he is a part of the admission process. That’s madness! We are also supposed to treat him like a real human. I actually had to sit down and talk budget with him. The whole time, he was just staring blankly at me. I had to hold a 40 minutes conversation with a bloody Groundhog! It is ridiculous. A lot of the employees think like me, they are just too scared to say it!”.