Police Raids Pharmacy in San Diego, Drugs Found on Site

San Diego, California – Following an anonymous tip, San Diego Police has raided this morning a pharmacy. According to the person calling, people were using the building to sell drugs on a regular basis.

“Someone called us this morning to share their concerns that the man owning the place was using it to sell drugs, not far from a school”, a police officer said during a press conference. “We have raided the place at around 11.00. Indeed, we found a large quantity of drugs and creams. We have seized more than 2500 boxes while we investigate further, some labelled with the client’s names”.

The pharmacist, Jose Mendosa, continues to claim his innocence. He has, he maintains, done nothing illegal. His lawyer has declared that his client would be soon be cleared. In the meantime, Dianne Donoghan, a neighbour, finds it really hard to believe him.

“I am not a racist”, Dianne says. “But I see the facts. A Mexican man caught with so much drug.. He was quite obviously selling it. You can’t help but putting 1 and 1 together. It’s a shame really. We are good, trusting people and this is how they thank us. I knew something was up anyway. That just goes to prove Donald Trump was right all along!”.