Illiterate People More Likely to Fail Test, Study Says

Chicago, Illinois – Phillip Holessly, researcher at the University of Chicago, has published the results of his 6 months long research. He has been trying to analyze how being illiterate impacts on people’s ability to pass a test.

“It was a random written test”, Phillip explains. “We separated people in three groups. Literate, illiterate and grammatically impaired. We asked everyone the same questions. Very easy ones. What colour is the sky? Head, shoulder, knees and…? That kind of thing. We then compared the results between the different groups”.

The results showed a strong separation between each group. Most of the people from the literate group passed the test really easily. Around 80 % of the grammatically impaired passed it. None of the illiterate people passed the test.

“We are going to move on to the second part of the study”, Phillip says. “We will analyse all of the subjects daily habits for a year. What explains this difference in the results? Do illiterate  people watch more television? More reality shows maybe? Do they work more or less? Read less books? Have they done worse at school? What kind of job do they have? We will then cross all the information and see if we find out a pattern of behaviour. It’s my favourite part of any study, it’s fascinating!”