DEA Agent Lil Wayne Was Voiced By 30 Rock Actor Jack McBrayer

After TMZ busted his secret, Lil Wayne has been left with no choice but to confirm the rumor.

“Yep, I have to admit I am a DEA agent. I am sorry if I disappointed anyone, I was trying to help America”, Lil Wayne wrote on Twitter.

While Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. , Lil Wayne’s real name, is refusing to talk to the media right now, Tommy Newman, the Drug Enforcement Administration’s administrator and Lil Wayne’s mentor admitted today that the singer was indeed one of his agents.

“There is no point denying it”, Tommy says. “I was put in contact with Mr. Carter almost 15 years ago now, after he showed interest in becoming a DEA agent. After talking to him and discovering his great talent as an actor, we came up with this idea to create an outrageous rapper. It was the perfect plan to infiltrate show business and get rid of drug dealers from inside. Lil Wayne was born and he did a great job.”

Lil Wayne, who can’t sing nor rap, has been lip-synching on tracks recorded by 30 Rock actor Jack McBrayer ever since.

“I know it is surprising”, Tommy says. “Dwayne is an amazing actor who wanted to help fight drugs, Jack McBrayer is an amazing rapper who could never have a career. They are a match made in heaven. A match that helped arrest 1200 drug smugglers and sellers. America thanks you for your service Dwayne and Jack!”