Damian Really Regrets Waiting For so Long Before Saying Something

Brighton, United Kingdom – Damian, for the 12th week in a row, sits in the meeting room, hating himself for ending up in this situation once again. The man, new to the firm, would enjoy his new job so much if it wasn’t for one detail. He now regrets waiting so long to say something.

“It all started on the first day”, Damian explains. “Someone asked “Damian, do you want a coffee?”. I was stressed, it was the first day, I said yes. I immediately regretted it but didn’t say anything when he came back, except thank you. As the minutes, then hours passed, it seemed weirder and weirder to bring it up”.

Damian, whose name is actually David, has been pretending that everything was normal since then.

“Everybody calls me Damian since that day”, Damian says. “It is cringeworthy and embarrassing. But what can I do? It is way to late to correct them. Maybe I can come up with a story? Or have an official name changing party? I think I’ll have to do something. I don’t  want to have to sit through another meeting pretending to be someone else. It’s the second time it happens to me. In my last job, I was called Darren for 6 years”.