Drake Saved My Couple Says Grateful Kitten in Love Again

Miami, Florida – Since Drake released his new video, “God’s Plan”, his name is on everyone’s lips. Indeed, the Canadian has decided to spend the $996,631.90 the clip would have cost on helping the community. One person at least wasn’t surprised to learn that the rapper is a philanthropist.

“He saved my couple”, BallOfWool says. “My wife and I were going through a rough patch. We couldn’t communicate properly anymore. The only possible outcome seemed to be going our separate ways. When Drake heard about it, he cancelled 3 concerts to fly and meet with us. He is such a good person, he couldn’t deal with the idea of love not winning in the end. You know, he spent a whole week with us, talking with each of us separately then counselling us as a couple. He gave everything he had. He saved our couple. We can never thank him enough”

BallOfWool isn’t the only person who can say they witnessed one of the rapper’s random acts of kindness.

“I was once on a long-haul flight with Drake”, Gunther Samson says. “There was a baby travelling with his father, crying at the top of his lungs. After a minute or two, Drake walked towards them. He looked so peaceful and loving. He grabbed the baby and breastfed him. After that, the baby slept the rest of the journey. It was an amazing thing to witness. I think Drake is an angel sent on earth to make us all better”.