Sarah Huckabee Sanders to Announce Powerball Results From Now On

Washington – The White House has decided to go a little bit further to save money. From March 2018, Sarah Huckabee Sanders will announce the Powerball results during her press conferences.

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn’t say much during those press conferences anyway”, Vinny Toked, a spokesman for the White House, says. “She spent most of the time trying to find creative ways not to answer any question the journalists were asking. She was losing her time and getting stressed. The journalists were bored and we were throwing money out of the window. It wasn’t working at all, it could not continue like that”.

Brian MacStash, the White House very own Innovative Ideas Specialist, came up with the concept last November.

“It totally makes sense!”, Brian says. “We do not only save money but we actually expect to make a $25 000 profit per press conference. And there will be very little time left for unanswered questions. It’s perfect! This is part of our new plan to make the members of the government multitask to compensate for the budget cuts. They aren’t doing that much at the moment anyway. The next step will be to make the Senate members sew lingerie sets during the Sessions of Congress. We hope that by 2020, every person working for the government will be multitasking enough to save $22 billions a year”.