Kansas Governor Race Replaced by Triathlon

Topeka, Kansas – Kansas will elect its next governor on November 6th 2018. On that occasion, the state has decided to replace the governor race by a triathlon. Indeed, citizens are growing tired of electing politicians only to be disappointed two or three months later.

“Elections suck. Every single time”, Rufus McCow, a man living in Kansas, says. “It doesn’t show us what the candidate is capable of. It’s a shame because after any election, we end up with incompetent people that we have to endure for years. Replacing the governor race by a triathlon is a great idea. The three stages of the competition will help us know who really has the skills to be Kansas Governor.

The triathlon’s disciplines have been chosen by poll, which every citizen of Kansas was welcome to take.

“They have decided the three disciplines that will represent the State of Kansas the best”, Rufus says. “First there will be a Sunflower Maze. The 10 first candidates to get out of it will be allowed to take part to a Fried chicken, Zwiebach and Bierocks eating contest. The 5 winners of that stage will compete during a Buffalo Rodeo. Whoever wins this can be considered the perfect governor Kansas was really waiting for”.