Study Shows “I Still Feel 12 in My Head” is First Sign of Aging

Centre County, Pennsylvania – A team of researchers at the Pennsylvania State University tried to find out what causes aging. The study has shown that the first time someone says “I still feel 12 years old in my head”, is the exact moment they stop being young.

“You are going down the hill from there”, Henry Marrisan, one the researchers, says. “This is the exact point people go from young-ish to middle-aged. We have even measured that the person’s levels of collagen is decreasing by 23 % just after they say “I still feel 12 years old in my head”.

According to the study, there is no way back from there.

“No matter how old you are”, Henry says. “The youngest person we have found so far to turn middle-aged instantly was only 26 years old. Not one person who said that sentence actually had a drop of youth left in them”.

In addition to that, Henry and his team have discovered other signs you’re not that young anymore.

“I can still have fun” is the second sentence that shows you are aging faster than you think”, Henry continues. “Followed really closely with “really, age is in the head”. If you said those 3 sentances, you probably have a newfound understanding of footloose’s ministers. You might be thinking that those young hooligans should probably spend more time  thinking about their future and less time dancing. That’s alright. You’re just old”.