Peta Sues London to Give the City to Squirrels

London, United Kingdom – You might soon be visiting Squirrelondon! PETA are used to make themselves heard with controversial actions, but this might be their bolder decision so far! In a surprising lawsuit filled this Monday, they demands that London and its Mayor, Sadiq Khan, give the ownership of the city to squirrels.

“Squirrels lived in London way before humans!”, Jeffrey Gord, a PETA activist says. “It is their legal right to own this city, its parks and every institution. People need to show them the respect they deserve. After all, humans have colonised squirrels territory”.

Pointing out the unfair treatment squirrels are suffering from, Jeffrey demands that the Mayor acts to change things fast.

“There are more squirrels than humans in London, yet they have no say in any decision regarding the city. Humans believe they are smarter than squirrels, but PETA believes that squirrel are perfectly able to run the town, maybe better than humans”.

And it doesn’t stop there. Peta is also asking for Sadiq Khan’s resignation.

“Humpy is the oldest squirrel living in Hyde Park right now. He deserves to be London’s mayor. After him, it should be Squeezy, who survived being hit by a bus three times”.

A high court is set to hear the case next month.