Mother Challenges Library to Change Children Songs Lyrics

Seattle, Washington – Liza Donovan has experienced the joys of being a mother for 18 months now. With her daughter Clara, she goes to story and singing time in her local library. But the experience has opened Liza’s eyes to the danger of children’s songs’ lyrics.

“I really enjoyed going to the singing time at first. It was good to meet people and Clara enjoys seeing other children but I knew something wasn’t right”, Liza explains. “After a few weeks, I realised in horror that the lyrics of the songs we were singing were probably damaging my daughter a little bit more every week. I am quite offended by the meaning of some of those songs and I’m sure Clara is too”.

The new mother, who is determined to raise a conscious and open minded feminist daughter has written to the library several times in the last 6 months, so far without any results.

“I do not ask much. Children would enjoy singing “wise Mcdonald had a farm” or “the daddies in the bus change nappies too” as much as the original songs. And what about “baa baa nice sheep have you any wool, yes gender neutral person, yes gender neutral person, 3 bags full. One for my neighbour, one for his equal in rights partner and one for the little girls who is as strong as boys who lives down the lane”? It all makes sense, I don’t see why it hasn’t been done before!”