Democrat Woman Doesn’t Say She Finds Trump Attractive But She Doesn’t Not Say it Either

Lexington, Kentucky – Dora Mcfrinley, 32, has been a Democrat her all life, being a membership card holder since she was 18. She must now come to term with the fact she can’t say she does not find Trump attractive.

“My parents were Democrats, their parents were Democrats…”, Dora explains. “In my family, it isn’t really a question, you do like everyone else. And it isn’t a problem for me, I do agree with the Democrats program and ideology”.

But Dora is now facing a dilemma she never thought was a possibility. It all started during the 2016 election campaign.

“Like many American, I watched all the candidates campaigns and wasn’t really impressed by Donald Trump. I was outraged by his attitude and what he was saying. I gave my whole support to Hilary Clinton, as a good Democrat should”.

But slowly, Dora realised that there was a darker reason that pushed her to watch all of Donal Trump’s TV apparitions.

“I started to talk about him all the time, at work, with my family, on a night out… At first, I would talk about how stupid he is, how lame he was. Then how charming his smile was, how successful he had been. I couldn’t help myself. When I seriously considered going to a rally to see him and comment “ironically”, I started having doubts. I am not saying I am so attracted to Donald Trump I might become Republican but I am not denying it either”.

With that realisation, a new problem arose for Dora. How will her entourage react to her finding Trump Attractive?

“There is no way I can tell them I consider becoming a Republican. I will have to live a double life and lie to my family and friends”.