Brooklyn Beckham Launches This Wanker Can T-Shirt Brand

Los Angeles, California – Brooklyn Beckham has announced this morning in a Snapchat video that he would launch his own T-shirt brand early next year.

“So, yeah, I had this crazy idea”, the 18 years old says in the video. “So, I’m gonna launch a T-shirt brand in January 2018. I will design them myself. It will be a white T-shirt brand, that will be my special original touch. I like white T-shirts, they are easy to design and it is a staple piece so everybody needs one or two”.

Brooklyn has already decided what name he will choose.

“I’ll call my brand “This Wanker Can!”, Brooklyn explains. “I want people to be inspired. You can have no talent, no message to share, no inspiration, nothing interesting to say and still have your own brand of clothes. People can buy my T-shirts and feel like they can also achieve something, even if they really are average at best”.

The offspring of David and Victoria Beckham also reveals that he has other great ideas.

“I will have collaborations with other “sons/daughters of” who owe their career to nepotism. Kaia Gerber will design black T-shirts, Rafferty Law will do blue T-shirts and Lily-Rose Depp will be in charge of the green T-shirts. It’s gonna be so cool!”, Brooklyn continues.

In the long term, Brooklyn Beckham might even start a new career.

“We will probably create a band at some point, also called “this Wanker Can!”. That is my innovative concept. I create the merchandising then the band, then I create music. I have so many crazy projects coming”, he adds.