Almost a Quarter of Americans Ignore Trump is Also President of Delaware

In the latest edition of the Delaware Politics Journal, Jeremy Thyle, researcher at the Politics and Sociology Institute of MacDudley, writes about the results of his latest study.

“I have found out that 65% of American people don’t know that the President of the United States is also the President of Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands. It is not really surprising, I was expecting those results. If we compare it to other countries, the United States are not doing so bad. For example, 93 % of Europeans ignore that fact as well as 92% of Asian people”.

In addition to that discovery, Jeremy’s study has offered more unexpected findings.

“More surprisingly, 23% of the participants ignore that Delaware is a part of the USA, that Canada isn’t and that hard boiled eggs cooking time is 7 minutes if you want the yolk barely-set”, Jeremy says. “It is actually a very confusing study”

Jeremy admit that he has now lost faith in humanity and doesn’t plan to make any more study.

“I am never trying to understand anything ever again, it’s not worth it”, the researcher explains. “I don’t want to know what I will find out if I ask anyone any question. I am sure the answer will be soul crushing”