Sea Turtle is so Happy You Turned Your Dreams into a Balloons Release

Somewhere in an Ocean, Deep Down – Omara is happy to learn you have hopes for the future, because her’s looks dark. The angry sea turtle has lost three relatives already after people released balloons to materialize their hopes and dreams.

“I’ve lost three members of my family”, Omara explains. “Three of my cousins swallowed balloons that had ended up in the ocean. That’s what happens to your dreams, they kill cute little sea turtles who have done nothing to you. Think about it. Every time a balloon is released, a sea turtle dies. Literally!

Omara admits that it is unfortunate that a sea turtle isn’t the sharpest knife in the box but it doesn’t change anything to the problem.

“Yes, sea turtles are a bit stupid, but humans eat tide pods, so should we just agree we have one point each?”, Omara says. “I am now living a life of fear. Will I lose another relative or friend? Will I be the one mistaking a balloon for a jellyfish? The stress is killing me”.

Now, Omara is ready to walk in her family members murderers shoes. She might do it to understand them. She might do it to get revenge. We’ll probably will never know.

“I want revenge”, Omara admits too easily. “You know, I wish I could release balloons to send away my hopes and dreams so they can become true. I want the hippies who killed my cousins to choke on it! It would teach them a lesson”.