Pregnant Woman is so Thankful For the Unwanted Advice

Hulett, Wyoming – Fiona Bewis, 27, is pregnant with her first child. Even though the pregnancy has been a little bit difficult, she finds strength and comfort in the tons of unwanted advice she receives since she got pregnant.

“It’s such a nice part of expecting a child”, Fiona says. “Between nausea, weight gain, gas… You have the joy to hear strangers’ opinion. About literally. Every. Single. Thing.  Everyone and his cousin believes you care about what they think. It’s so much fun!”

Fiona is unfortunately forced to refuse to follow most of the unwanted advice she gets but she still feels so grateful for receiving it.

“Now, it might come as a surprise for some, but the hospital we are going to has doctors in it”, Fiona continues. “We picked one to give me advice during my pregnancy. I also see a nurse and have a mother. It’s really a shame, as I would have loved to have you as my pregnancy counselor! But I am sure you can help less fortunate mothers! Anyway, I heard it continues when the baby is born. I can’t wait to hear how I should breastfeed, bottle feed, leave the baby, never leave the baby, let them cry, never let them cry, go back to work, stay at home… It’s going to be so helpful!”.