We Just Changed Our Mind Says Political Party Spokesperson

Washington – The spokesperson of the Random Political Party has explained this morning during a press conference that the party is totally changing their mind, starting today.

“We have decided today to completely backtrack and change our mind about the latest hot topic”, the spokesperson said. “It has nothing to do do with any backlash we received for our small minded way of thinking. It is definitely not because we realised that we wouldn’t get away with our outrageously insulting views anymore. The only reason we now say the opposite of what we were saying yesterday is that we have seen the light”.

The spokesperson insists that the Random Political Party is made of good people who don’t even understand what you are talking about.  Everyone is encouraged to just forget about it and move on.

“We ask that people totally ignore years of words and actions proving that we actually had the opposite opinion until it got us into trouble”, the spokesperson continued. “We will deny ever saying or doing anything that is making us look bad so don’t even try to bring it up”.

Finally saying what everyone wants to hear, the spokesperson shared the Random Political Party’s new views on the latest hot topic.

“We definitely share the majority’s views on the latest topic”, the spokeswoman said. “Let me repeat but this time, I’ll look very serious.  Like I mean it. We definitely share the majority’s views on the latest topic”.