Barack Obama Admits That the Earth is Indeed Flat

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Before starting an interview last year, Barack Obama made some surprising revelations. In a leaked audio clip, he can be heard sharing the most surprising thing that happened to him during his presidency.

“It was the day after my inauguration”, Barack recalls. “They walked me to a secret room and told me that the earth is flat. I thought that it was a joke at first but they showed me the real images from space. It is flat and in a globe! There really are thousands of people lying to make sure no one finds it out! They told me that there is no real reason to do that. I guess they just find it funny to prank everyone. They made me swear that I would keep the secret. That was the only thing that mattered, that the flat earth stayed a secret”.

Somehow convinced that his confessions wouldn’t be shared in the interview, Barack Obama continued talking.

“I just wish the Flat Earth Society would stop questioning the theory that the earth is round”, Barack explains. “Their cleverness totally comes in the way. They see through the government lying about the shape of the earth for no financial or political profit at all. They are so… What is the opposite of sheep?”