AAPB Insists Rob Porter Must be Thrown Under a Bus

Washington – The American Academy of Political Balance has condemned today President Donald Trump’s decision to defend Rob Porter in a Tweet two days ago.

“Rob Porter’s name has been picked from the hat. He must be thrown under a bus”, Dorothy Lolobs, a member of the academy says. “Every month, we put the names of all the politicians, Democrats or Republicans, in a hat. We use to do it every six month. But since 2015, it became a monthly occurence. Politics are just getting worse and worse. Anyway, the person who is picked has a scandal, may it be financial, sexual or drug related, revealed publicly about him or her. Everybody then act like they are shocked and publicly judge them. This guarantees that people keep on trusting politicians as they disapprove of whatever the loser of the month is accused of. Yes, it’s hypocritical, but the end justifies the means”.

Dorothy is now worried about the consequences of Donald Trump insistance to publicly support Rob Porter. She fears that this will lead to more rebellion.

“We must follow the rules. Or what tells us that next month, someone else won’t refuse to blame the man or woman whose name has been picked from the hat”, Dorothy. “It can only lead to problems and anarchy. I beg Donald Trump to change his mind. For everyone’s good”.