Man Rhymes Words With Peas After Choking on Food

Newport, Oregon – Dylan McGerlam was enjoying his lunch at a restaurant with his family, last week. After choking on peas, the 32 years old passed out. When he woke up, he could only speak with words rhyming with peas.

“I was choking on peas and felt a freeze in my ears”, Dylan recalls. “I fell on my knees in the columneas. Jeez I just wanted to please Denise. She dreams of cheese. I thought how I’d Miss the leaves and the breeze in the trees if I died. My family’s pleas stung like bees”.

After having had all those random thoughts rhyming with peas, Dylan blacked out. He owes his life to a Doctor who was eating at the same restaurant and started CPR. Everything went fast from there.

“I feel a squeeze on my cheeks. I breath with ease”, Dylan continues. “Mommy’s tears wet my ears. My saviour has phD’s. I offer Rupees and Guineas but he flees the leas. Denise sees his trainees. I say “Please, tell these phoneys they forgot their teas. Then let’s travel the 7 seas”.

Still confused and lost, Dylan needed a few hours to recover. That is when his family realised that something was wrong.

“He only spoke in words that finish like peas”, his mother Angela says. ” The rhymes are so approximative that it took us 6 days to figure out what he was doing. He barely makes sense most of the time!”.

After the incident, Dylan had a full check up at the hospital. He just received the results and is now planning his future.

“No zoogleas! No sneeze!”, Dylan celebrates. “I will go overseas without Denise. Maybe in Paris or Tunis. Have orgies, find a miss or collect threes. Diss some gits on skis… I’ll sees!”