Kansas Senate Votes to Make Opinions Illegal

Topeka, Kansas – In a shocking turn of events, Kansas Senate has taken an unprecedented decision. The senators have voted in majority to forbid opinions.

“The society we live in is over-connected”, Marshal Deniston, a senator explains. “With the invention of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms, people have started to believe that because they can give their opinion easily, they should. It isn’t the case”.

From now on, people caught forcing an opinion in a public place or internet risk up to 3 months in jail.

“No one cares nor wants to hear about other’s opinions but people won’t stop plastering it everywhere until someone makes it illegal. We do it for the greater good”.

Many citizens have already voiced their opposition to the new law, arguing that having an opinion is their right.

“So is having a cat. It doesn’t mean you go everywhere, rubbing it in everyone’s face whether or not they like it. Keep your opinions to yourselves and for home”, Marshal says.