Larry is Ready to Make Love Like Humans This Valentine

Chino Valley, Arizona – Larry is all ready and sexy for Valentine’s day this year. The meerkat, who was single until recently, has great hopes that the first Valentine’s day with his special someone will be the perfect occasion to spend the evening celebrating love and make love like humans.

“I have always been a ladies man”, Larry says. “I was still single last month as I enjoy dating and meeting new people. But I met this beautiful girl and I am ready to become more serious. She is fun, nice and always ready for adventure. I was waiting for her. Together we can build a future, a life together, a garden were the flowers of our love will grow”.

Larry is excited for the couple’s first Valentine’s day together. He has planned a succession of surprises that should make his girlfriend really happy.

“I have asked a friend to take some sexy pictures of me”, Larry says. “I will print them in big, hang them to the wall and create a path of petals that will lead to the bedroom, where I will wait for her. We’ll then listen to the most obvious music to have sex to while eating the cheapest chocolate I could find at Walmart”.

After that, Larry hopes that things will get more serious.

“I’ll whisper some banalities I don’t mean in a lover’s voice that’s way lower than my usual voice”, Larry continues. “It will hurt, but it’s Valentine’s day and she deserves it. After all this, I’ll put the fireplace on Netflix and we’ll make love like humans, if she wants to obviously. It won’t last long, it will be disappointing and I’ll be be way prouder than I should of my performance. It’s going to be such a magical night!”