First Human Baby Made Out of Two Cats’ Eggs Born in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia – Atlanta Tumchan-Ning Hospital has confirmed during a press conference this morning that the first child conceived with two cats’ eggs was born last month.

“We are happy to be able to finally share the big news with the world”, the Doctor in charge of the case said. ” The baby, a boy, is healthy. What you’ve read is true. The child was conceived using two cats’ eggs. We have extracted a cell from one egg and fertilized the other egg with it. My colleague then implanted the zygote in a woman’s womb. We were thrilled to see that it had worked”.

Ana H. , the child’s mother, was also present during the press conference. She shared with the journalists how she feels after being a medical wonder’s mom for a month.

“He looks so human. You’d never know he is genetically a cat”, Ana says. “I don’t see the difference just yet. He wakes me up at five every morning, eats and gives me blank stares. His favorite places to sleep are cardboard boxes, bags and fruit bowls. If I eat something, he cries until I let him smell it and lick it just once. He does seem to believe that he’s the boss of the house and I’m here to serve him. But he’s my first child. I don’t know if all newborns do it or if I have to blame his cat DNA”