Vegan Hipster Insists on Being Called Vegi NA Eater

San Francisco, California – Connor Fayder, a longtime vegan hipster, has decided to change the way people see veganism. To achieve his goal, the 32 years old life coach is now calling himself a Vegi NA Eater.

“Since I became vegan, I heard so many crazy things”, Connor explains. “People associate vegans to angry, pale and sad people. That couldn’t be further from the truth! I have never been as happy as I am since I decided to not eat meat, poultry, fish or any animal products. I really want people to be able to understand that”.

Changing the way he defines himself seemed like a great way to start a global change.

“Words are powerful”, Connor says. “If people don’t hear the words vegan or veganism, maybe they will be more open to listen to what I have to say. That’s why I am now calling myself a vegetables non angry eater. Vegi NA Eater in short. I thought about calling myself Soy a naa lover at first. You know like soy (milk and I am in Spanish) a non angry animal lover. But it sounded too dirty. Vegi NA Eater is better. It’s catchy, modern and send the message in a strong and straightforward way”.

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