Hump Like Trump Day Replaces Valentine’s Day on Mingle Till it Tingles

Ann Arbor, Michigan – There is no way to ignore it, Valentine’s day is coming! This year, Mingle Till it Mingles is thinking about all of single people out there. The popular dating app  who normally charges $3 a month will offer their service for free on February 14th.

“We want single people to have their special day too”, Jacob Jaster, the app’s creator explains. “We are calling it Hump Like Trump Day. Just like the President, freely grabbing women by the pussy, we encourage single people, men or women, to let their wild side out. You don’t have to spend the day crying and eating because nobody likes you. Not this year! As long as it is legal and everyone is consenting, the sky is your limit. For one day, forget the shame and social pressure. Hump like Trump. Fondle like Franken. Go for it”.

The offer, which will only last one day, will allow people to register and specify their preferences.

“We don’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable”, Jacob continues. “When people register, they will have to choose what they are comfortable doing and receiving. Their profile will only be matched with people who have the same preferences. We really want people to feel free so every account created on the 14th of February will have the option to be destroyed at midnight. Just like you, we’ll pretend that this sad day of low self esteem and worthlessness never happened. Until next Valentine’s day”.