The Offended People League is Recruiting Again

Madison, Wisconsin – For the third time since its creation in June last year, the Offended People League is recruiting 100 new Politically Correct Officers. Barkin Weefer, the league’s President, is really excited to expend the team.

“It is really amazing for us to see how successful we are”, Barkin says. “We obviously work really hard. But the internet is so vast. We need more people to cover it. There are 3 shifts, midnight to 8 AM, 8 AM to 4 PM and 4 PM to Midnight. The job is simple. First, you scour social medias and blogs to find a reason to be offended. Second, you make a scandal. It’s really that simple. Furthermore, you get a Bonus if you launch a campaign of destruction of the person who made an innocent comment that you managed to twist into something offending”.

To keep the Offended People Leagues’s employees angry and offended, Barkin doesn’t hesitate to use unorthodox techniques.

“I have created a system which ensure that my employees don’t lose their passion”, Barkin says. “For example, Health Insurance is only offered to Hispanic people. In the same way, we only have transgender people toilets. Women are paid 20% more than men. However we only hire 5% of female employees. Child free people have more flexible hours. They are allowed to leave early to enjoy the city before children get out of school. That kind of things. It works really well”.