Mark Zuckerberg Celebrates Internohibition’s 200th Anniversary

Palo Alto, California – Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook, has shared today a special post on his page. He is indeed celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Internohibition, the forgotten page of history.

“200 years ago, day for day, General Khompooter made the internohibition official”, the fifth richest man in the world wrote in his message. “People have forgotten now. But for 6 months, between February and August 1817, Internet was made illegal. Nobody was allowed to use it. Secret Internet cafes were shut down. Their owners were sent to prison. Those dark times were the foundation of the revolution that lead to the creation of the 37th amendment of the Constitution, Freedom of Internet Use. So many people ignore the fact that brave men and women lost their lives for our right to use Internet”.

In honour of the past, Mark Zuckerberg encourages people to keep their eyes open. He urges everyone to refuse any attempt to take away the Freedom of Internet Use.

“I see that the Freedom of Internet Use is threatened every day”, Zuckerberg continues. “Americans remember the Prohibition and defend Freedom of Speech. But they are somehow numbed when it comes to Freedom of Internet Use. Which might be the most important freedom, considering how heavily our lives rely on Internet these days. So let’s not forget that. And happy 200th Internohibition Anniversary everyone!”.