Kamelia Kardashian Welcomes Daughter Beyonce Barbara NoLess

Los Angeles, California – Kamelia Kardashian, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob’s younger sister has announced this morning on Instagram that she gave birth to her daughter Beyonce last night. It is the first child of the 26 years old star of Keeping up with the Kardashian and Kamelia Takes Idaho.

“I have the joy to introduce my beloved daughter”, the least favourite Kardashian sister captioned her baby’s first picture. “First of all all, I want to say that staying out of the spotlight was a personal decision. It wasn’t because nobody cared, as I have read. The same way Kylie decided to hide during her pregnancy, I wanted to protect my unborn daughter from the stress of an exposed pregnancy”.

The fourth Kardashian sister has already revealed the name she has chosen for Kris Jenner ninth grandchild.

“I have decided to name my daughter after someone I truly admire”, Kamelia continues. “Everyone, meet Beyonce Barbara Noless Kardashian. I have chosen that name because her birth was the highest point of my life. North was already taken. So I have decided to make sure she always remembers she is special. She is worth no less than Beyonce. I have great hopes that she will be the most famous child of our family’s next generation and avenge me”.