Teenager Addicted to Shaking Maracas is Now Homeschooled

Des Moines, Iowa – Marius Loord is a 14 years old compulsive maracas shaker. The teenager struggled so much to fit at school that his parents were forced to stop sending him, at least until he is out of his maracas shaking phase.

“Marius didn’t show any sign of addiction during his childhood”, Lisa, his mother, says. “When he turned 12, everything changed. He would spend hours in his room. I could hear that he was shaking something. But I was just happy that he had decided to practice an instrument. Once they are teenagers, they usually only care about their phones. Oh, how I wished he was like that now!”.

It is only after a few weeks that Marius’ parents realised that maybe their son’s interest in Maracas wasn’t as healthy as it seemed.

“All he was interested in was shaking his maracas”, Adam, his father says. “After two or three months, he couldn’t stop doing it. We were so worried. His principal called us one day to complain about it, Marius was distracting the whole class with the noise he was making. The teacher asked him to stop but couldn’t. He loves shaking his maracas so much. The other kids had started to make fun of him”.

To try and help their son, the desperate parents created a band, hoping to keep their son’s passion under control, to no avail.

“He doesn’t really care about music”, Adam continues. “Being in the band didn’t stop him from shaking his maracas the rest of the time. We were left with no choice but homeschool him this year. As parents, we obviously want to be as supportive as possible but Marius really makes it difficult. We have tried everything you can imagine. We are now praying for a miracle. What else can we do?”.