Texas Senator Interrupts Hearing To Chew “Yankee Doodle”

Austin, Texas – Last Monday’s hearing at the Texas State Senate was supposed to be about “Health and Safety”. It ended up being all about “Yankee Doodle”!

It was a little bit after 9 AM when Maynard Waybert, 52, decided he would eat his morning Chilli and Brisket during the Senate session.

“I started chewing my second breakfast”, Maynard explains. “At first, I didn’t realise what was happening as I was thinking how good my Chilli was. But soon, I realised I was chewing to the rhythm of a song I knew. It took me a few more minutes to recognise “Yankee Doodle” but once I did, I had to tell everyone”.

Determined to show off his chewing skills to his fellow senators, Maynard interrupted the session.

“I  went to the microphone and started to chew so everyone could hear but they couldn’t recognise the song. They were trying so hard, bless them. Someone said they heard a Taylor Swift song, someone else Justin Bieber. One even thought I was chewing Frank Sinatra. We had so much fun! By the time I told them what I was chewing, it was 2 pm and we didn’t feel like working so the session was adjourned. Health and safety will wait, I guess!”

Thousands of shocked citizens have been vocal on Twitter about their outrage and 2500 people have already signed a petition demanding the senators’ resignation. But Maynard doesn’t seem to understand the problem.

“I don’t get it” he writes in a Facebook post. “Yankee Doodle is a great song and represent values of Texas, of course. But people can’t be mad that none of the senator recognised it. They’ll do better next time. We should all just move on”