Stand-in Actors’ Stand-ins Have Feeling Too Says Guild

Los Angeles, California – The “Stand-in Actors’ Stand-ins Guild of America” has announced this Friday that all of its members would start a strike next week to demand a raise of their minimum salary and more recognition.

Peyton Andrewerson, who has been a stand-in’s stand-in for 14 years, is leading the movement. Since she began her career, she has seen very little improvement of the stand-ins condition.

“It is ridiculous”, Peyton says. “We have a critical position in the industry and barely earn 60$ a day. How are we supposed to survive on this? Who will keep the stand-in’s chair warm when they are working in front of the camera if we aren’t there? Who will stand in a corner silently just in case the director needs someone ignore? People barely know we exist but actors, directors and stand-ins would be lost without us”.

Peyton and the other stand-ins’ stand in are ready to strike for as long as they need to be heard. Following the writers steps, they hope to finally draw attention on their struggle.

“I do believe most shows and movies filmed at the moment would have to be stopped should we not exist. This is why we deserve more money. This is why we demand more money”, she says.