Secret Files Reveal World’s First Spam Was Sent by John F. Kennedy

Washington – The first set of newly released secret documents has revealed that John F. Kennedy was the first person to send a spam email, 15 years before becoming President.

“We have found out recently that John F. Kennedy had sent the first ever spam email during his campaign to be elected at the “House of Representatives” in 1946″, Arthur Pashingtom, an historian, explains.

“His father, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr, did put pressure on some of his powerful acquaintances to keep it a secret but we have been able to find the email 2 years ago. It is such an exciting and invaluable discovery!”

The email, send from JFK’s personal address ( reads :

“To every person reading this,

You will die this year if you receive this email. The only cure is to campaign for John Fitzgerald Kennedy to win the House of Representatives election. You have to start in the next 48 hours or there won’t be any way for you to avoid death”

The email, as simple and naive as it sounds today, had a really huge effect on people at the time.

“You have to remember that it was the first spam ever sent. People had no idea that what they read wasn’t true. We do believe that this email had a decisive role in Kennedy’s political career”, says Arthur.