Doctors Admit They Have no Idea How Babies Work

Norman, Oklahoma – In a statement released yesterday, doctors members of the World Health Organization have admitted that babies are just as much of a mystery for them as they are for parents.

“We have decided today to come clean”, the statement reads. “As much as we’ve tried, we could never figure out babies, it’s just too hard. Since the creation of the organization, almost 70 years ago, we have been deciding which rules to follow using pieces of papers picked randomly out of a bowl. We have used that method to decide what food pregnant women should avoid, what babies should eat and at what age they should start solid food… We decide what position babies should sleep in using rock, paper, scissors”.

Obviously, when doctors and scientists first started this process, they had no idea that they would have to do this for more than a year or two.

“We really hoped we would manage to understand babies and give clear advice once and for all, but it never happened and we juts give up now. If it didn’t happen in 70 years, it will never happen. We are actually pretty sure that babies don’t turn human before they are 2 years old anyway”