Shopkeeper Admits it Was Him Who Shot The Sheriff Not Bob Marley

Kingston, Jamaica – Bob Marley has been hailed a hero after after it has been revealed that he took the blame for a murder to protect Guy Higgins, a shopkeeper who did indeed shot the Sheriff.

“It was I who shot the Sheriff”, Guy says. “I acted in self-defense but it was still a capital offense. It was the summer of 1974, I was a 18 years old boy, working at my father’s shop in Kingston. All around in the town, they were trying to track me down. I owe my life to Bob Marley for taking the blame”.

People all over the world have been praising the late singer and asked the Queen of England to consider making him a posthumous knight.

“He surely deserves it”, Guy says. “It has been 42 years but I haven’t forgotten. I go on his mausoleum every year to thank him for what he did for me. How could I not think he deserves a title! He should be a Saint if you ask me!”

Guy, who has called his oldest son Bob in honor of his savior is ready to talk to the world about what really happened so many years ago.

“I want people to know what kind of person Bob was. That is why I finally admit I shot the sheriff”.