Youtuber Starts Foundation For Those Not Touched by Natural Disasters

Seattle, Washington –  Some people have been quite unfortunate recently after a streak of natural disasters – hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and so on. But even more unfortunate was Maria Del Sol, 17, from Seattle.

“I live in such a safe area, I never have any natural disaster in my city. It rains a lot but we are never even flooded. People say I am fortunate but it is quite hard to live. I am missing on so many good videos I could make, so many views I could have, so many hashtags I can’t be a part of. I am reduced to get sympathies by mentioning I was there 6 months ago and it could have been me, but it isn’t the same”, Maria says.

But this ordeal has given Maria, 102 000 Instragram followers and 130 000 Youtube subscribers, an idea. A new purpose even. She has created a foundation to help and bring awareness to her fellow social media wannabe celebrities who live in safe regions.

“It is quite a huge success. People have contacted me from everywhere. Toronto, Portland, Denver… They are so happy someone is finally putting words on how they feel. Not many people can understand what we are going through. We can discuss our fears and problems. It is all very cathartic”, she says.

Maria has already found ways to turn this into a prolific business.

“For people who want and can afford the fee, I have set up a service that links people from safe places with people living in risky zones. If you get lucky, your new friend’s city will be struck by natural disasters such as a hurricane or a volcano eruption. You could get quite a lot of secondhand attention. It isn’t the same as being there, but it is something”, Maria explains.

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