Mother Will Give Child up if she Hears Bubba or Mama Again

London, U.K. – Beatrix Vanwhallen had been dreaming to become a mother since she was a little girl but it was only after the birth of her Bubba daughter, Sofia, that she realised what she had gotten herself into.

“It was sneaky at first, people at the hospital referring to me only as mum and talking to me like I was 4 years old. I heard “yum yum”, “yummy” “milky milk” during my daughter’s first month more than I can take it but I was in a happy bubble with my daughter, I didn’t really care”.

Things slowly started to get worse and Beatrix couldn’t ignore it anymore.

“I’m chased by an army of Mamas who want me to do do you Yoga with my Bubba on a daily basis . There doesn’t seem to be a way to escape it. If I go to the shop, to the park, to a playgroup… They are everywhere. I tried to google “mother and child activities” but only found “mummas and bubbas bookie-book club” “Mamas and bubbas tchoo tchoo train of fun playgroup” “Mamas and bubbas wakey wakey timey timey”… It makes me gag”.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter but if I have to hear about one more Facebook group, music class or playgroup called “Mamas and Bubbas”, I’ll just give up”

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