Man Manages to Blame Muslims for About Everything

Manchester, U.K. – Regis Potter, 36, is between two jobs at the moment. Which is a good thing since it gives him a lot of time to practice his favourite hobby, blame Muslims, from his bedroom, in his mother’s basement.

“I discovered Muslim bashing a while ago”, Regis explains. “At first, I only did it under news articles when it made sense to blame a Muslim. I really enjoyed blaming every Muslim for the crime committed by one person, who might not even be Muslim, but just had a name that sounded like they could. I did not really care if what I wrote was true or not, I finally had something to live for and it felt really good”.

Regis enjoyed it more and more. To the point that commenting on relevant news articles wasn’t enough anymore.

“Once you start, you can’t stop. The name of the person who committed the crime isn’t specified? You blame Muslims. There is an image showing CCTV footage of a blurry unrecognisable pixel? You claim it’s obvious it’s a Muslim. You get the idea”, Regis adds.

Soon enough, nothing could stop Regis from trolling up to 16 hours a day.

“I started to find a way to blame Muslims for everything”, Regis says. “It is sometimes challenging to find a link between a current event and Islam, but I always manage. The harder I have to think, the prouder I am. So far I managed to write a racist comment on news about California fires, every decision TFL or British Airways make, a Texan farmer stealing another farmer’s chicken, the Great British Bake Off and my proudest so far, a mother giving birth to a 9 lbs baby”

In the recent weeks, Regis has spent more and more time commenting news articles. To the point of obsession. It has taken over his life.

“I didn’t have much of a life before. Now, I just spend my time reading news instead of watching reruns on TV. I might have to cut down my commenting time if I find a job. But I am not going to lie, I am in no rush to work, I really enjoy spending my day on the internet, bashing Muslims for everything and anything”.