Donald Trump Becomes Honorary Member of the Arkansas Toddler Society

Conway, Arkansas – It has 652 members already and soon will have one more. The “Arkansas toddler society” (ATS) gathers like minded toddlers, aged 18 months to 3 years old, trying to help each others and discuss their experience.

“It was during last month meeting that one of our member, Jerald, 3 years old next month, brought our attention to one of our fellow toddlers, maybe the most famous one, Donald Trump”, Michael, 19 months old explains. “He is surrounded by grown ups who want him to listen and focus on his job when all he wants to do is play with a phone and have fun. We can relate so much to this! It was quite obvious that the next step would be to  offer him to become a member of our society”

Janet, 2.4 years old adds : “We’d love to help Donald, even though he is doing really well already. After all, he is the first toddler ever to become POTUS. But we have ways to help our members deal with problems only toddlers face in today fast changing society.

Take Ronnie. He used to lose his temper 6 to 8 times a day before joining the ATS. Janet explains : “Ronnie hasn’t had a tantrum since he started the “toddlers anger management program : from poopoo mood to no more feud”. Last week he lost his turn while waiting for the swing and he didn’t roll on the floor, he didn’t even cry. It was such  a victory.”

President Trump hasn’t replied yet to the ATS offer to become their honorary member, but Janet is sure it is only a matter of time. “The TAS is wonderful. Everybody at the ATS is wonderful. We are sure we can help make Donald Trump a great toddler again!”

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