Youtube Mother So Happy She Filmed Daughter’s Accident For Vlog

Missoula, Montana – Karen Doravoc, 37, is used to document her everyday life with 4 children on Youtube, on her family daily vlog channel.

“It was another boring day. I was going to have to make the children have a fake fight again to have something to film. It was dinner time and I was talking to my youngest daughter, Savannah, 2, when I heard her sister Bimkee, 4, fall. I got so worried! I wasn’t filming and I missed the fall. It was so sad, she was in so much pain. There is no way she could have recreated that for me to have some footage!”

Desperate to film at least her daughter crying on the floor, Erin searched frantically for her phone or camera but she couldn’t find it anywhere.

“I was about to give up and take her to the hospital as her arm was obviously broken. I was gutted! That’s when Bimkee’s dad came back home. I felt so much joy!”

Using her husband’s phone, Erin was able to film the rest of the incident for her vlog.

“I am going to have so many views! Not as many as I would have if I had filmed the fall, but that’s alright. I am still so happy. You never know when luck is coming your way and it seems like it was my turn yesterday!”