Study Shows 43 % of American Would Rather Vote For a Skunk Than A Woman

Boston, Massachusets – The department of sociology at Boston University has released today the results of their last study. They tried to understand candidate’s gender importance in voters’ decision during presidential elections.

During a year, researchers have study 100 000 people’s voting intention. During that time, they have found out that people are more likely to vote for a skunk (43%), any random clown (32 %), an A4 sheet (13 %), used toilet paper (8%) and finally a woman (4%).

“When asked why they would rather vote for toilet paper than women some participants answered that women are hoaxes and don’t actually exist”, Samuel Delfredis, one of the researchers, explains. “They also believe that women can’t be trusted because they are descendants of zebras. Another common reason was that women have nipples”.

After last year’s election, it seems like the study was actually quite accurate.

“Donald Trump just got lucky no skunk was a presidential candidate”, Samuel says.