President Trump Will go on Official Visit at the White House

Washington – Donald Trump has posted on Facebook this morning about his next official visit : the White House.

“I am up to date with all the “Real Housewives” episodes and I don’t plan to play golf before next week. It is a good time to go on a guided tour of the white house. I will be explained what people do there and how the American Government functions. I can’t wait to see the Oval Office. Everybody loves me there. They all think I am the best President ever. It is amazing”, the President writes.

While President Trump has great plans to make this visit as useful as possible, none of them seems to involve any political decision.

“It is the perfect opportunity to relaunch my snapchat. I can live stream my visit and tell my best jokes. It is exciting as I am planning to be more active there. I think I will have a weekly show during which I will start rap battles with every person who disagree with me. They are meanies. I will also comment live every week during the show “Keeping up with the Kardashian”. It is amazing. My snapchat account is the biggest snapchat account ever”.

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