Fox News to Start Broadcasting News 24 hours a Day

New York City, New York – In a statement released yesterday, Fox News, who was created in 1997, has announced that it will broadcast 24 hours news from January 2018.

“It is time for a change. Fox News has been in the fear mongering business for 21 years now and we feel like we have done everything that we could possibly think about. We want to start again from scratch and innovate. You can only scare people with so many flus. This is why Fox News will try to broadcast only informative news, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”.

This decision is part of a 200 millions dollars plan to renew Fox News Image.

“It is a big change for everyone”, the statement continues. “Novelty is always scary but it is very exciting. We have a lot of meetings as well as seminars and classes about ethics, journalism standards and objectivity. Everyone is learning so much. It is hard work, we aren’t going to lie. But we will be able to bring so much more to our viewers after that. It is all worth it”.

Fox News plans to try the experiment for a one year at first but might extend indefinitely if the results are positive.

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