Adele’s Next Album to be Called 54

London, United Kingdom – The singer Adele has announced this morning that 2018 would be the year of her fourth album’s realease. The statement brought more surprises to her fans than they asked for!

“Dear beloved fans, I need to let you in a secret. In February 2018, I will release my fourth album. But more than music, it is Adele who will be released. I literally free myself with this album”, the artist writes on Facebook.

Adele’s first albums, 19 (in 2008), 21 (in 2011) and 25 (in 2015) have been bought by millions around the world. Adele hopes that her next album won’t suffer because of her revelations.

“My next album will be called 54. As you know, I named my first three albums after the age I was when they came out. At least that is what you were told. I lied about my age and want to come clean. There is so much pressure put on women to be and look young. I am Adele. A 54 years old woman and I am just lucky I have good genes that make me look younger. We need to start listening to artists for their music, not for their age, shape or hair colour”.

Many people have already started to praise the artist for being so bold an honest.