Woman Attacks Colleague Who Thought she Should of Seen Tony Fall

Randolph, New Jersey –  Beverley Smith, 32 years old, has been arrested last week after attacking her co-worker, 25 years old Ramona Kribelshtog with a stapler, after she told her she “should of seen Tony fall”. The attack took place at Notecalo Inc. after Wednesday lunch break, during which chicken nuggets and fries were served.

“I was walking back to my desk after lunch, when Tony tripped in front of me.” Ramona says. “It was so funny, I had to share it with Beverley. We always have a good laugh together. Not one minute after I sent her the email, I saw her face change and she started running towards me and staple me. I am so lucky there were only three staples left in the stapler. I don’t know what happened to her, she is always so nice and happy, not the kind to lose it for no reason”.


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“I can confirm we have arrested someone in relation with this case”, says Officer McLachlan. “The suspect has not been really cooperative with us since the arrest. She just repeats “it is should have” every time we ask her a question. But we have a strong case anyway, with witnesses, CCTV and fingerprints”.  

Mrs Smith has been charged with aggravated battery with a stationery supply.

It is the 3rd grammar-related crime in New Jersey this year, the second caused by the use of “should of”. This represents a 21% increase from last year same period. 

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